Sausage type soft packing Silicone Sealants Cutting Filling Machine

Product details

Sausage Sealant Soft Filling Machine is developed in combination with the production characteristics of the industry for many
years, and is suitable for the composite two-film tubular packaging of silicone sealant, polyurethane sealant and other materials.
The machine is horizontal structure, compact machine structure, small volume, portable, it uses advanced pneumatic (original SMC
pneumatic solenoid valve), photoelectric monitor ling and pLC intelligent control, reliable mechanical structure technology,
including two sets of servo control system. PLC control, welding film, glue pouring, film clamping, buckle, cut off the whole
process one gas synthesis.
The production process is fully automated on an integrated platform without manual intervention. Glue pouring is the most
accurate, batch stability. In addition, it is equipped with a unique burst film shutdown system, and each communication node has
fault alarm monitoring. You can directly find the fault point by entering the alarm page. As a new automatic production equipment,
it improves product quality and production efficiency, reduces production loss, and has excellent sealing performance.
According your needs, we can customize the heads quantity From 1-6.sealant filling machine

Product Detail

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