WP 002 High Elastic Polyurethane Waterproof Coating


Pure polyurethane sealant, environment-friendly.

Contains no asphalt, tar or any solvents, no harm to construction personnel.

Free from pollution to the environment, no toxicity after curing, no corrosion to base material, high solid content.

One component, convenient for construction, no need of mixing, surplus products should be kept in good air-proof package.

Efficient: high strength and elasticity, resistant to acid and alkali, excellent bonding effect with concrete, tile and other substrates.

Cost-effective: the coating expands a little after curing, which means it turns a little bit thicker after cured.

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1. WP 002 protects you whether you need to waterproof your basement, kitchen, bathroom, underground tunnel, deep well structure or any part of your home.  Thanks to its high elasticity, the coating fits perfectly into all surfaces and creates a seamless barrier that effectively prevents water infiltration.  

2.WP 002 is not only suitable for household use, but also essential for commercial and industrial applications.  From impoundments and water towers to swimming pools, bathroom pools, fountain pools, sewage purification pools and irrigation canals, this versatile coating provides superior waterproof protection.  

3. Apart from its water resistance, WP 002 works wonders in preventing corrosion and penetration of tanks and underground pipes.  It provides reliable adhesion and moisture resistance for a variety of floor tiles, marble, asbestos panels and other materials, and is ideal for general decoration.  

4. One of the key features of WP 002 is its ease of application.  It can be easily applied with a roller or airbrush and dries quickly to create a sturdy and durable coating that will withstand even the harshest weather conditions. 


Warranty and Liability

All product properties and application details based on information are ensured to be reliable and accurate. But you still need to test its property and safety before application.

All advices we supply can’t be applied in any circumstances.

CHEMPU don't make assurance of any other applications outside the specification until CHEMPU supply a special written guarantee.

CHEMPU is only responsible to replace or refund if this product is defective within the warranty period stated above.

CHEMPU makes it clear that will not take responsible for any accidents.

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Technical Data


Solid content


Density (g/cm³)


Tack Free Time (Hr)


Tensile strength


Hardness (Shore A)


Resilience Rate (%)


Drying time (Hr)


Elongation at Break  (%)


Tear strength (%)


Operation Temperature ( ℃)

5-35 ℃

Service Temperature ( ℃)

-40~+80 ℃

Shelf Life (Month)


 Implementation of standards: JT/T589-2004

Storage Notice

1.Sealed and stored in cool and dry place.

2.It is suggested to be stored at 5~25 ℃, and the humidity is less than 50%RH.

3.If the temperature is higher than 40 ℃ or the humidity is more than 80%RH, the shelf life may be shorter.


20kg/Pail , 230kg/Drum

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  • MS-001 New type MS Waterproof Coating

    The substrate should be smooth, solid, clean, dry without sharp concave and convex points, honeycomb, pocking marks, peeling, free of bulges, greasy before application.

    It is better coating 2 times with scraper. When the first coat isn’t sticky, the second coat can be applied, the first layer is recommended being applied in thinner layer for better releasing gas generated during reaction. The second coat should be applied in different direction to the first coat. The optimal coating rate is 2.0kg/m² for thickness of 1.5mm.

    Attention of operation

    Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and soap. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately.

    MS-001 New type MS Waterproof Coating2

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